• Fast. Strong. Reliable. Built for critical missions

    RIBCRAFT Military RIBs are severely over-built for extreme endurance and exceptional operation in all possible environments.

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    Built to the highest commercial standards RIBCRAFT Military RIBs incorporate the qualities of exceptional safety, strength, stability, speed and comfort. Functionally simple and technologically advanced, everything about RIBCRAFT RIB is professional grade.


    Each of our models is extensively tested in extreme conditions to ensure the safety and reliability of its design and standard equipment. The deep V hull, full length lifting strakes, and pronounced bow sheer combined with a multi-chambered heavy duty Hypalon tube deliver unsurpassed performance and stability.


    RIBCRAFT offers complete packages including engine, propulsion system, electrical/ electronic system, trailers, stainless steel and aluminium fabrication. All options can be tailored to individual requirements, and professionally fitted to the highest standards by RIBCRAFT’s professional trained technicians. We can design and install special equipment suitable to military applications.


    Every RIB we build is configured for its specific mission. Load capacity, speed requirements, maneuverability, agility and stability are all matched to the mission.


    Founded in Great Britain over 30 years ago, RIBCRAFT has gained an enviable reputation as a leading global builder of custom and production Rigid Inflatable Boats with manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, United States of America and most recently in the United Arab Emirates.

    The company places great emphasis on safety, durability and quality of construction and has cemented this reputation for the past three decades.

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